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Q: What is FreightCar America, Inc.?

A: FreightCar America designs and builds railroad freight cars. We offer a variety of freight cars to meet your needs and can tailor your car acquisitions in any number of ways, from leasing and trade-in arrangements to like-kind exchanges. FreightCar America supports its products with a full line of replacement parts. Information on these services and more are available on this web site, so please take a moment to browse through it.

Q: What are the advantages of aluminum-bodied cars?

A:  An aluminum bodied railcar offers many advantages to our customers.  First, the weight savings in an aluminum bodied car can yield up to twenty-one tons more payload than a car constructed from steel.  Second, the use of aluminum bodied cars lowers operating costs (locomotive fuel and maintenance).  Finally, aluminum is corrosion-resistant and lowers car repair or replacement costs.  All of these advantages translate into lower costs and better operational efficiency for our valued customers.

Q: In what areas does FreightCar America lead the Railcar industry?

A:  FreightCar America has been the leader in the Coal Car Industry for many years, having produced over 100,000 BethGons® and AutoFloods™.   However, we are not just about coal cars.  We have introduced sixteen new designs or product line extensions in the last five years, including covered hopper cars, mill and coil gondolas, articulated intermodal well cars, steel and hybrid aggregate cars, and bulkhead flat cars to name a few.    

Q: How long has FreightCar America, Inc. been in business?

A:  In 1901, the Cambria Steel Company was formed and built its first freight car as part of an order for  mine cars.  FreightCar America has reached a historical milestone of over 100 years of quality railcar production under several different company names.  You can read more about our history on the Our Heritage Page.

Q: How do I order replacement parts for my existing FreightCar America cars?

A:  You can either use FreightCar America’s Online Parts Quotation, or call our toll-free number:  1-877-739-2006.  To expedite the process, please have the following information available: car type, car reporting marks, car series number(s), and build date. 

Q: How do I obtain a budgetary quote for a specific car type?

A:  Contact your regional Sales contact and provide them with your expected order placement date and quantity. You can find your appropriate contact in our Customer Service section or by using the ‘Find you Sales Contact’ located at the upper right, top portion of this web page.

Q: What are the main addresses and contact numbers for FreightCar America?

A: See our Contact Us section by using the Connect option on the top menu of our website.

Q: How do I get addresses or directions to FreightCar America's locations in Chicago, Danville, Johnstown, Roanoke, or Shoals?

A: See our Locations section by using the About Us option on the top menu of our website.