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As we improve upon our long history of building highly productive freight cars, we must provide quality services throughout FreightCar America. We focus on meeting and exceeding customer expectations through continuous improvement and we have incorporated a company-wide statement of that effort:

Pledge of Excellence

“Committed to Being the Best”

We, the members of FreightCar America, Inc., are committed to being the best freight car producer and parts supplier in the world.

We will only manufacture products and provide services that exceed the requirements of both our external and internal customers.

We are committed to working with our suppliers as quality partners.

We will work together with respect for one another to provide a clean and safe working environment, fair compensation, necessary training, and equal opportunity for advancement.

Supplier Certification Process

FreightCar America selects suppliers from our list of Approved Suppliers and has established a system for determining qualifications of a potential suppliers. First, the selected supplier must meet the approval of our customer. Further, suppliers are selected based on their ability to meet specifications, quality requirements, and delivery schedules.

A vendor survey or source inspection may be taken when a supplier has not established a quality history with FreightCar America or if the supplier’s qualifications and capabilities are unknown. We will query a supplier on its written manuals and procedures; processes; the manner of maintaining the required quality of its end product; and, if required, its current certifications. We also assure that the supplier maintains adequate inspection, measuring, gauging, and testing equipment that is controlled and calibrated, and that functional testing is performed to current specifications. Our Source Inspector provides us with concise and complete information for evaluation and analysis.

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Training and Certification Process

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FreightCar America makes an extreme effort to ensure our work force is the most knowledgeable in the business.

Employee training is a must at FreightCar America and is delivered in new and innovative ways such as interactive multimedia sessions in conjunction with hands-on laboratory training. Training is a way of life at FreightCar America and on-site high-tech training facilities are available for use by our employees.

Employee certifications are aggressively pursued in all areas of the enterprise from the American Welding Society’s Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) examination for Operations employees to the MicroSoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) in the Information Technology Department. Certifications are just another way to show we take pride in what we do.